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Research Center

Research Center
Postech Mathematics Institute

Postech Mathematics Institute (PMI) was established in September, 2017 with the following missions:

1. To support mathematicians’ visiting research for solving cutting-edge research problems

2. To provide a forum for in-depth research discussions to young mathematicians

3. To play a pivotal role as a research hub.

In particular, it has been selected as a priority research center of the National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF) for nine years from 2007 to 2016, and has contributed to the development of competitive research activities and fostering world-class next-generation mathematical researchers.


Mathematical Institute for Data Science

Established in 2020, POSTECH Mathematical Institute for Data Science (MINDS) is the community of researchers in the areas of fundamental data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, scientific computing, and humanitarian data science. MINDS mission is to provide a platform for collaboration among researchers and to provide various opportunities for students in data science. MINDS also aims to use our data science research to serve our local and global communities pursuing humanitarian data science.

Center for Geometry and Physics

The IBS Center for Geometry and Physics (IBS-CGP) aims at helping establish and develop the emerging field of symplectic algebraic topology through a collaborative effort by the experts of the fields such as symplectic geometry, dynamical systems, algebraic geometry, mathematical physics and others.

The main research area of CGP – the Gromov-Floer theory and mirror symmetry has employed not only traditional geometric method but also dynamical systems, global analysis, homological algebra together with many ideas from string field physics.

The center is located in the campus of intellectually dynamic Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH) in Pohang, South Korea.

The center’s emphasis on international collaboration will allow the center to serve as a bridge between Korean mathematicians and the international mathematical community


Postech Center for Applications of Mathematics

PCAM (POSTECH Center for Applications of Mathematics) seeks the application possibilities of all fields of mathematics and conduct research activities on them, and act as hubs of mathematics, other sciences, and industry by expanding the scope of mathematics.

Based on the results of academic research, we will contribute to technology and industry development and plan to cultivate talented people with practical problem solving abilities based on mathematical understanding and research ability.


Center for Research in Topology

The Center for Research in Topology (CRT, Director: Professor Jae Choon Cha) was founded in September 2019 to derives results that have world-class impact through research on topology and related fields, presents new directions and orientations for international research, and contributes to the intellectual development of mankind by leading the research of the next generation.

Through the achievement of the research goal of this research center, it is expected that results with timely importance and ripple effects will be derived, and results will be presented that suggest the direction of future research. We plan to develop into a research center that sets the global research trend direction by taking the lead internationally in research on the disk embedding problem, which is the most ultimate and core question in research.

Center for Mathematical Machine Learning and its Applications

The CM2LA aims to move beyond the traditional case-centric paradigm of machine learning, employing mathematics to elucidate the functioning principles of AI, uncover clues to challenging problems in mathematics, and solve industrial problems in areas such as semiconductors and life sciences.


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