Associate Professor

Department of Mathematics


Pohang, 790-784

South Korea


Fax:      82)54-279-2799

Phone:  82)54-279-2052

Office :   3-509





Research  Area

Numerical Analysis on partial differentical equations related on the field of Financial Mathematics, Fluid dynamics, and Population dynamics;

Numerical Analysis:

      - Finite element methods

      - Finite difference methods

      - Spectral methods

Governing equations:

     - The Black-Scholes equation (Financial Mathematics)

     - The Navier-Stokes eqation,  the Burger's equation , and the solute transport equation (Fluid dynamics)

     - The Gurtin-MacCamy equation (Population dynamics)

Paramter estimations:

     - FSPIP





2001, Spring

    Math 111 -Calculus I, Ordinary Differential Equations

    Math 551 -Numerical Analysis (graduate)

2001, Fall 

2003, Spring

    Math 451 Numerical Analysis I (undergraduate)

2003, Fall

    Math 452 Numerical Analysis II (undergraduate)

    Math 651 Advanced Numerical Analysis (graduate)  


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