The 2nd ILJU School of Mathematics
Congruences of Modular Forms and Galois Representations
July 19 (Monday) - July 30 (Friday), 2010 , Pohang Mathematics Institute, Pohang, Korea



Reference for Lectures

1. Lecture notes by Milne(click)

[MilCF] class field theory
[MilMF] modular functions and modular forms
[MilEC] elliptic curves
abelian varieties

2. Some useful books and lecture notes
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Dorian Goldfeld, lecture notes, Spring 2009 & Spring 2010

3. Comprehensive references (which cover elliptic curves, modular forms and more)
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The topics


Review of class field theory

[CF67], chapters 1, 2, 6, 7

Tate's thesis

[CF67], chapter 15
[LGS03], Kudla's article.
[Bum97], chapter 3.1

Various approaches to modular forms and automorphic representations

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Dorian Goldfeld, lecture notes, Spring 2009 & Spring 2010 (will be available on the web soon).

Abelian varieties

[MilEC], [MilAV]
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Eichler-Shimura-Deligne construction of Galois representations attached to modular forms

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Galois representations and modular forms
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Introduction to Serre conjecture

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Ribet's converse of Herbrand's theorem

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Theory of p-adic modular forms following Katz and Hida

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Introduction to Modularity Lifting Theorem

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Introduction to the Langlands correspondence between Galois representations and automorphic representations

A. Knapp,
Introduction to the Langlands program
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An elementary introduction to the Langlands program